Hitay Energy Holdings aims to be the leading geothermal power producer in Indonesia with its projects throughout Indonesia. Considering the fact that Indonesia has the majority of the global geothermal capacity, there is a huge potential to grow as it currently utilizes only 5% of its geothermal power capacity. The Indonesian government also supports the development of new geothermal resources through its fast track program in order to achieve the target of 35,000 MWe in additional power plants.

Based on the results of Preliminary Surveys conducted by Hitay’s experienced team and world class independent peer reviewers, we have defined and aiming to develop 1,000+ MWe. We plan to test and or prove all the geothermal resources in 3 years. Our 1st COD (Commercial Operation Date) target is from Gunung Talang-Bukit Kili in 2022.

With the dedication and hard work of its staff along with full support from the local and the central governments, Hitay is confident that it will successfully achieve all of its projects’ target and become the leading geothermal producer in Indonesia.

Emin Hitay