As one of the premier geothermal investors, Hitay Energy Holdings was established in 2011 with the vision to be the leading geothermal producer in Indonesia, and has been awarded by the Government with preliminary survey assignments on 9 fields across Sumatra and Java, and a Geothermal License (“IPB”) in Gn. Talang – Bukit Kili, West Sumatra, in 2017.

Hitay, founded by Mr. Emin Hitay, is a prominent Turkish group with investments in various industries in Turkey, namely Internet (Online Gaming, Online Research), System Integration, Security Technologies & Solutions and Payment Systems. (

As one of preferred partners to Government of Indonesia, Hitay seeks to contribute to Indonesia’s accelerated geothermal potential development to reach ± 7.200 MWe national target in 2025. Hitay combines in-depth knowledge with the top-notch expertise of its local Indonesian technical team to explore, develop, and operate geothermal energy in Indonesia, by using the state-of-the-art technology from a leading global power solution provider. Hitay currently is in exploration phase of its projects, with plans to drill its 1st exploration well in early 2019 for Gn. Talang – Bukit Kili Project in West Sumatra.