As one of the premier geothermal investors, Hitay Energy Holdings was established in 2011 with the vision to be the leading geothermal producer in Indonesia, with the mission 1,000+ MWe total capacity in Indonesia. Enterprises are moving forward based on close relationship between Indonesia and Turkey.

Hitay currently is working on Gunung Talang-Bukit Kili exploration drilling plan, have secured Tanjung Sakti, Geureudong, Gunung Tandikat-Singgalang, and Lawang-Bukit Malintang Preliminary Geothermal Survey and Exploration (“PSPE”) licenses. Hitay is also securing 2 other PSPE licenses (Gunung Kembar and Pegunungan Bromo-Tengger,) which are top rank geothermal prospects in Indonesia.

Hitay, founded by Mr. Emin Hitay, is a prominent Turkish group with investments in various industries in Turkey, namely Internet (Online Research & Gaming), System Integration, Security Technologies & Solutions and Payment Systems. (

As one of preferred partners to Government of Indonesia, Hitay seeks to contribute to Indonesia’s accelerated geothermal potential development to reach ± 6,558 MWe national target on 2025. Hitay combines in-depth knowledge, top-notch expertise from national Indonesian technical team to explore, develop, and operate geothermal energy in Indonesia, by using the state-of-the-art technology from a leading global power solution provider.