img-people-1-300x244 (1)After completing 9 PSPs and one Geothermal Working Area Tender, currently Hitay is preparing to explore 3 geothermal prospects to support Indonesian Government to reach the 35,000MW electric power plant acceleration target within 5 years. Hitay’s priority is to develop top or “low hanging fruit” high temperature prospects remaining in Great Sumatra Fault (GSF), as well as starting the development of major intermediate temperature resources. Hitay is currently entering the exploration phase of 2 projects in parallel with the target of drilling in 2017, and then the interconnection project to power grid within 5 years.

Hitay will develop these projects using national expertise in development of all geothermal sectors, covering exploration, drilling, and operation using the highest technology and safety practices. Hitay will transfer the benefit of its geothermal operation to local people, by complying with laws, regulation and ethics, for a long term and sustainable green energy development in Indonesia.

With the support of central and local governments, along with all stakeholders, Hitay would achieve the target in delivery of geothermal electrical power timely.

Julfi Hadi
Managing Director