To be the leading geothermal producer in Indonesia.


Hitay dedicates itself to provide Indonesia with a reliable partner, using the highest technology and safety regulation as geothermal developer, and transferring the benefit of geothermal to local people, by complying with laws, regulation and ethics, for a long term and sustainable green energy development in Indonesia.


  • Entrepreneurship – HITAY has created, and continues to create today, real value through an entrepreneurial approach.
  • Innovation – HITAY embraces change and defines new business models for each investment its makes.
  • Integrity – HITAY practices the highest ethical standards and always honors its commitments to its employees and clients.
  • Trust – HITAY creates and maintains long-lasting domestic and international relationships, which are based on transparency and honesty.
  • Agility – HITAY delivers outstanding results on time and focuses on enhancing long-term shareholder value.