JpegHitay treasure the integrity  and trustworthiness which are embodied in its corporate values. Hitay holds the pursuit of sustainable green energy development dearly to its heart by responding to the trust that society places Hitay in, and creating new value that exceeds expectations. For Hitay, part of being a great company is also being an accountable corporate citizen, entailed by its social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

Hitay focuses its community, time, and financial resources to act as catalyst to the betterment of economic and social condition of diverse local communities in which Hitay operates, not just because it is something Hitay chooses to do but is actually an important piece of Hitay’s business. Hitay understands that a sustainable development and cohesive communities are closely linked and that Hitay can have a significant impact as a whole by respecting the needs of local community and society at large in Indonesia.

Hitay executes its Corporate Social Responsibility program through a set of active engagement with local communities and related stakeholders, in such a way that accomodates and fulfills the following objectives and policy:

  • Undertaking comprehensive identification of the needs, as well as challenges, of its local communities, investors, regulators and other stakeholders, to ensure a harmonious relationship is established, maintained, and enhanced throughout the project’s life.
  • Providing assistance in the form of economic and other benefits to the communities in which Hitay operates, to help empower and improve their capacity of community development and self-sustainability.
  • Achieving a distinct growth of the local community’s technical capacity to ensure the optimization and sustainability of resources.

In responding to the current geothermal skill gap in Indonesia, Hitay established a close collaboration with the National Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), and subsequently will provide local education centers with technical know-how and necessary maintenance skills and certification to support the sustainability of the Project, environment, and community.