Hitay Completes Geothermal Survey in 6 Locations

26 November 2014

Turkish firm Hitay Investment Holdings has completed a preliminary survey of geothermal potential in six locations, according to an official at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

Director of Geothermal at the Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE), Tisnaldi told to Petromindo.com that Hitay will present the results of the survey at the end of this month.

“Hopefully the results of the survey will be successful, so that we can designate the six locations to become Geothermal Working Areas (WKPs). After becoming WKPs, we will auction them and Hitay gets a first right to win them,” he said.

The firmsĀ  which were assigned to carry out a preliminary survey in the six locations are PT Hitay Green Energy in the Talamau mountain area, in West Sumatra; PT Hitay Renewable Energy in the Bromo-Tengger mountain area, in East Java; PT Hitay Lawang Energy in Lawang Regency, South Sumatra; PT Hitay Balai Kaba Energy in theĀ Tandikat and Singgalang mountain areas , in West Sumatra; PT Hitay Tanjungsakti Energy in the Tanjungsakti area, in South Sumatra, and South Bengkulu and Seluma Regencies in Bengkulu; and PT Hitay Dingin Energy in Dingin Mountain area in Seluma Regency, Bengkulu.